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M18-4 Series - 18mm Washdown Metal Barrel-Mount Sensor - Banner

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70 Variants Available. Only 5 variants are represented. For Detailed Specifications on each Variant in the M18-4 Series or for best pricing, please call our iAutomation Specialists at 1-800-662-6748


  • Complete family of sensors, all housed in the popular 18 mm threaded metal barrel
  • Chemically robust stainless steel sensors for washdown applications
  • Robust housing is sealed against fluid ingress and exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Powerful and bright visible red emitter beam for easy alignment and setup
  • Highly visible output and dual-function power and stability indicators
  • Advanced ASIC technology is resistant to fluorescent light and offers exceptional cross talk immunity
  • Robust 250° adjustment potentiometer on select models
  • Widest operating temperature range
  • (-40 to +70 °C) of comparable sensors
  • Available in Emitter/Receiver, Polarized Retroreflective, Retroreflective, Diffuse, and Fixed Field models