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Q12 Series - Miniature Self-Contained Sensor - Banner

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89 Variants Available. Only 5 variants are represented. For Detailed Specifications on each Variant in the Q12 Series or for best pricing, please call our iAutomation Specialists at 1-800-662-6748


  • Sets a new industry standard for ultra-miniature photoelectric sensors
  • Features a housing just 22 by 8 by 12 mm, with bipolar NPN/PNP outputs
  • Available in opposed, fixed-field, and polarized and non-polarized retroreflective sensing modes
  • Delivers powerful sensing performance in extremely confined areas
  • Rated IP67 for use in the widest range of locations and applications
  • Available in models with rugged, sealed housing or PFA chemical-resistant jacket
  • Mounts directly on or inside manufacturing equipment, with robust metal-lined mounting holes consistently located on all models
  • Uses unique overmolded design for enhanced durability and shielding
  • Available in dark- or light-operate models