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Q45UR Series - Remote Transducer Ultrasonic Sensor - Banner

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37 Variants Available. Only 5 variants are represented. For Detailed Specifications on each Variant in the Q45UR Series or for best pricing, please call our iAutomation Specialists at 1-800-662-6748

  • The Q45UR Ultrasonic Sensor offers users the choice of three remote sensing heads for use in confined or difficult environments.
  • Requires remote transducers for sensing in areas otherwise inaccessible to ultrasonic sensors
  • Provides sensing range of 50 to 250 mm
  • Offers choice of analog or discrete output
  • Offers discrete output for ON/OFF presence detection
  • Available with analog output for applications requiring a continuous current or voltage output
  • Simplifies setup with push-button TEACH programming of near/far limits of the sensing window
  • Features programmable response speeds
  • Includes built-in temperature compensation on remote sensing head and an operating temperature range of -25° to 70° C
  • Provides digital filtering for exceptional electrical and noise immunity