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QS18 Series - All Purpose Photoelectric Sensor - Banner

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682 Variants Available. Only 5 variants are represented. For Detailed Specifications on each Variant in the QS18 Series or for best pricing, please call our iAutomation Specialists at 1-800-662-6748
  • Features a universal housing with an 18 mm threaded lens or side mounts
  • Replaces hundreds of other sensors
  • Meets IP67 and NEMA 6 standards for harsh environments
  • Available in opposed, polarized and non-polarized retroreflective, convergent, regular and wide-angle diffuse, small spot diffuse, laser, ultrasonic, plastic or glass fiber optic, fixed-field and adjustable-field sensing modes
  • Offers easy push-button TEACH-mode setup in Expert QS18E and ultrasonic models
  • Ranges up to 20 m
  • Features bright LED operating status indicators visible from 360°
  • Available in models with IO-Link communication for simplified wiring, installation, preventative maintenance, and sensor backup
  • Select between mechanical and electronic adjustable field